One loses interests in worldly affairs and move towards eternal goals in the way of life called ‘spirituality’.

Spirituality makes people humble, peace-loving and prefer self-thought. Spiritual growth does not come from external lectures or reading scriptures, but from within. Wisdom makes them feel better and happier with what they are and how they are

Importance of spirituality

Spirituality is important for mankind in daily life as it has the following benefits.

  • Defines Purpose of life: A person understands the actual purpose of life through spirituality. It teaches them to accept life as it is, which helps decrease their suffering.
  • Promotes peace and harmony: It brings peace among people and help them get together. It encourages everyone to accept and forgive. It can also remove corruption from society. It makes society properly organized. In family and at work, spirituality provides mental peace and stability. It helps to improve patience. It also does give us better health as we learn to eat properly and timely, keep thoughts good, keep ourselves clean.
  • Helps recover: When sick, spiritual strength helps us recover. It helps us in keeping the mind on positive thoughts. This helps to overcome depression and heal faster.
  •  Knowledge and wisdom: Spirituality makes us wise and knowledgeable. We gain knowledge from within. The flowing wisdom makes people more and more pleasant and divine.
  • Enhances love and affection: It teaches a man to show love and care for everyone around including the environment.
  • No fear & Clear thought: It makes us fearless. It also helps to overcome attachment to this world and life-related issues. Hence, it helps us to have clear thought about everything.
  • Enhances growth and welfare. Spiritual people perform very well in whatever field they work in. Even Steve Jobs, George Carver, Swami Vivekananda, and many others were spiritual and became successful. A person become more ethical through spirituality as the person intends for service and betterment of others through his work.
  • Better rules: Notice any marriage ceremony or death, they have some rituals and have their origins in spiritual knowledge. These rituals are not meant to just enhance the concept but provide greater meaning in life. For instance, marriage is not a lust-based communion but responsibility-based commitment.

Importance of spirituality in education
Mental maturity is very important in education. It also grooms a person to behave and think better. Spirituality helps to achieve this. People become disciplined. They respect the respectable and also become a believer. People also become dedicated to their studies, research, and jobs.

Importance of spirituality in healthcare and social work

The energy required for selfless service comes from spiritual power as it makes one’s heart divine and pure. It helps healthcare and social-work organizations and individuals to serve people with everything they have without being greedy about money