Our society more divided than ever. The world has lost its way. In such a troubled time, we need a change towards unity. Technology keeps us together at the click of one button, it’s becoming very much possible. But still, chaos and uncertainty have been leading the charge. As a species we have lost or way, or maybe we forgot the wisdom that afforded us happiness in the first place?

We’re at such a point in society in which we need to come together and unite to create a harmonious and balanced Earth. We all were once connected, regardless of cultural and ancestral lineage. But with each of our generations grew old and produced the next, much of our wisdom was lost to time. Slowly, the foundations of our happiness faded. It was eventually replaced by a culture that thrives on instant gratification. We developed a culture
of hate, not love, and the whole planet suffered with us.

We are fortunate that many wisdom keepers still walk and defend the Earth, sharing their ancestral knowledge with the masses. ‘DivineBonding’ is one of them. “The breath that ‘man’ seeks today is in the ancestral knowledge of his own history, and in the reconnection with nature. The simple way of living today is a luxury that is available to everyone, and it’s the way the Yawanawa people have lived forever”, said Biraci Jr Yawanawá. This life, which is made out of simple, unspoken luxury is almost a mere memory to the Earth. But we are powerful enough to change this!

Modern ways are converting us into the ‘frog from the well’. They claim to be ‘open’ and ‘inter-disciplinary’, but it needs the assistance of ancient wisdom to be so. Modern learning aims to make changes in a system without understanding it from ‘inside-out’. It finds something and puts it to action with no long-term vision.

‘Curiosity makes us grow; eagerness can kill!’.

That’s why we are tracing our ways back to old times and practices. A few are – Ayurveda, organic farming, yoga, meditation, and the list can go on. There is no aspect of life that is not covered in the great Vedas, Upanishads, and Vedanta. Learning was in its true form – OBSERVE, INSTILL, ASSIMILATE, PROCESS, UNDERSTAND and one will LEARN instinctively!